„Die heilige Taube – the holy dove“

Lovely Inder die now hier mitlesen: Not every German Single Woman kommt now in your land und serach a man, like Beate und her mother Irene, echt now.
Beate is hier in Germany a sehr quirky Person, she findet not a Kerl. Therefore she is coming in your land, vielleicht find she da nen Boyfriend, i dont know.
And nein, we German Single Woman tragen not every day the same Klamotten like unsere Mutter. Only Beate und Irene make das so.
And nein, not every German Single Woman speak so dermaßen poorly Englisch, look at meine Worte, my Englisch in funzing today.
We German People sitting today vor the Flimmerkiste und watch the Besuch von the beiden at Euch.
Very entertaining, i muss es zugeben, very entertaining.
The holy … what? What is holy? All the Stadt voll von Cows, top Cows, down Cows, left Cows und right Cows. All the City voll von Cows. The Question war very heavy.
And than the mördermäßig a lot of Doves, i get ne Krise vorm TV.
Tausend Doves, and the Doves kacking Irene in Nacken. Frightfully!
In Germany Vogelkacke bring Happyness in your Live, thats a Glücksbringer. But not looking at oben, when a Dove in your eyes kackt, than you a see nothing at the Rest of the Day.
Please answer when the beiden not weiterkommen, Beate war very sad vorhin als ihr not responded, she war aufgeschmissen.
She only looking for a Boyfriend, and Irene for a son.
The hairdresser from Beate is wohl not so aufm Laufenden, but thats no Problem, in our Land there are dertermined a hairdresser der the Welle an Hinterkopp and the, wie ich finde, cruel Strähnen rausklöppelt (Sorry, für the Wort “Klöppeln” give it no Übersetzung, da denied selbst Google, and that soll was heißen. Do you know what I mean?)
Special Greets to Vera, wie you can speak over that Drama without Lachflash,  i zieh the head for you.
Lovely Inder, please take Beate, we German People was very abgenervt wenn the Hinterkoppwelle is coming every sunday on TV. Okay, okay, we are amused. But glaubt uns: We Germans are not so in the Regel, okay? ^^


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